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Never Forget - Never Again.

On February 20, 2014, Sarah Elizabeth Jones, 27, was tragically killed and several others were injured by a train while filming Midnight Rider, a biopic about musician Gregg Allman. Sarah’s death prompted an outpouring of grief in the movie industry and galvanized film crew members throughout the entertainment industry, highlighting longstanding concerns about set safety.


Safety for Sarah has come to represent, not only the tragedy of that day, but all those in the film industry... to create safer film sets. Many in the industry relate to what happened to Sarah, thus the adage: "We Are Sarah Jones." 

This tragedy has brought together the film making community in a way that I have never seen. Much of that is due to the person Sarah was… hard working, fun, and a friend to very many people. What happened on that train trestle in Georgia horrifies us all. It can never happen again. 


- Mike Miller, Vice President, IATSE


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