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The 86th Academy Awards recognized Sarah with a banner following Bette Midler's performance of "The Wind Beneath My Wings" and on the Academy's website as the 38th member of their "In Memoriam".


This followed an online petition of more than 60,000 signatures and a groundswell effort from all corners of the film industry to include Sarah, even though it is not typical to recognize crew members during the Academy broadcast.

OSCAR Remembers, Photo Gallery number 38:

Slates For Sarah

Immediately after the tragedy that killed Sarah, some friends in the film industry set up a Facebook page called Slates For Sarah. Handling the movie slate was one of Sarah's functions. What followed was overwhelming. Movie and TV crews from around the world began posting photos by the thousands of their slates with Sarah's name as a tribute.


Slates For Sarah focuses on raising awareness about on-set safety issues. It has been a viral movement, an overwhelming tidal wave of emotions.


Other tributes to Sarah include:


The episode "Still" from Season 4 of The Walking Dead,


The episode "No Exit" from season 5 of The Vampire Diaries,


The episode "Cheers and Jeers" from season 6 of Drop Dead Diva 


A number of other tributes and memorials were held, including those hosted by Society of Operating Cameramen, the International Cinematographers Guild, and several unions.

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