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Ideally, all walks should happen at the same time:

3 p.m. Eastern Time / 12 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday, October 4, 2015


1. Find a location with a 1-2 mile walking route that feels comfortable and would be easy to access for a group of people of varying mobility.

2. Compile an invitation list for other interested walkers. Include industry contacts, friends and family members, people from the local community, and “virtual walkers” who can support your walk via live participation on social media.


3. Let all of these people know that they can purchase Walkathon t-shirts and make online donations by visiting

4. Check with the city/region that has jurisdiction over the area that you want to walk in. (Go to the city’s website and start with either the local Parks and Recreation Dept. or with the Visitor Bureau).  Ask them if you will need a permit for the number of walkers you expect. Usually, groups of fewer than 20 people don’t need a permit.  If you DO need a permit, please be sure that you follow the steps of the permit office and get the appropriate sign-offs to have your walk.

5. Ask your walkers to bring their own water, snacks, sunscreen and weather-appropriate clothing – and encourage them to wear Walkathon t-shirts purchased via

6.  On Sunday, Oct. 4th, arrive at the start of the walk at least 30 minutes before its scheduled start time, so that you can coordinate walkers’ arrivals and make sure they know the layout of the walking route. Within the regulations of any applicable permits, bring along Walk For Safety and We Are Sarah Jones signage so that participants can find you easily and so that others know what you are walking for.

7. At 3 p.m. Eastern time / 12 p.m. Pacific time, start walking. Before, during and after your walk, tweet, instagram and Facebook, and follow @safetyforsarah to connect with other walkers around the country and the world. Enjoy the time!


8. To celebrate the conclusion of your walk, consider inviting your walkers to a no-host afterparty gathering at a nearby restaurant or venue of your choice.

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